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Systemized series videos
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Systemized series videos


The Systemized series is an invaluable information source for orthodontists at all levels:

  • For experienced orthodontists – to refresh their knowledge or train assistants.
  • For university teachers – a structured approach to teaching mechanics.
  • For orthodontic residents – a starting point to success in the specialty.

Each title in the first Systemized series typically runs for about 35 minutes. Together the titles demonstrate an efficient and systemized approach, detailing key strategies for high quality outcomes.

San Diego series videos
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San Diego series videos

The San Diego series of video tutorials follows on from the ‘Systemized’ series and includes a wide range of well-treated cases from Dr McLaughlin’s practice, many of which have not been shown before. This series will be of particular interest to orthodontists who want to manage cases of medium to severe difficulty with confidence.

  • For orthodontists – expand your knowledge and confidence.
  • For university teachers – some more difficult teaching cases.
  • For senior orthodontic residents – build on your knowledge.

Each video runs to about 45 minutes.